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Changes to casual work in new industrial relations reforms

Changes to casual work including options for permanency and leave loading proposed in new industrial relations reforms.

As Parliament sits for its final week this year, the Federal Government will introduce its much-anticipated overhaul of industrial relations laws prompted by the upheaval of the coronavirus pandemic.

By political reporter Melissa Clarke.

Industry Insight #2

The environmental credentials of printing have been in the spotlight for a while with brands and marketers as well as large corporates regularly proposing they would reduce or eliminate paper and printing from their business as a sustainability proposition. It is an agathokakological display by well-meaning but unwitting companies. In other words, noble thinking, but bad logic. Many contributors, largely consultants, adding to the argument, while well-meaning, have only served to confuse the issue and largely ignored the science.

The Collective makes an appearance on Sunrise

Kellie Northwood quoted on Sunrise in regards to the value of printed catalogues.

Take a look at some of the interesting statistics that were recently quoted by Sunrise in regards to the value of printed catalogues, in response to Coles’ decision to stop printing catalogues for their customers.

RESET with Ball & Doggett – Episode 6: Kellie Northwood & Kirsten Taylor

R E S E T with Ball & Doggett – Episode 6: Kellie Northwood & Kirsten Taylor

A conversation connecting our industry.

Exciting times ahead with the new partnership of Women in Print Australia and The Real Media Collective.

“Building a strong community, inclusive network enriched with knowledge and support for all women across our industry”.

This statement from their press release celebrates the pillars that frame the Women in Print ethos. We explore the new partnership with two of the key drivers of this exciting new direction. Kellie Northwood, CEO of The Real Media Collective and Kirsten Taylor, Victorian Women in Print Patron.