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Following South Australian government communications regarding the ‘six-day circuit breaker, restrictions now apply across letterbox distribution. The Distribution Standards Board, has amended its Code of Conduct as per instructions below for delivery South Australia.

Download: Code of Conduct Temporary Amendment Metro South Australia

Download: Code of Conduct Delivery Log

Download: DSB Worker Permit

DSB Charter

The Distribution Standards Board (DSB) is the self-regulatory body of the letterbox distribution industry.
This Charter sets out the DSB’s commitment to providing a high level of standards for all letterbox distribution.
The DSB is designed to govern the industry via agreed guidelines to ensure catalogues and unaddressed advertising mail is delivered to the highest standards.
The primary function of the Charter is to maintain agreed levels of privacy, litter control, cooperation with local authorities and compliance with all environmental guidelines.
The DSB will ensure that its performance in complying with this Charter is monitored on a regular basis.

DSB Code of Practice

Members of the industry and their contact deliverers agree to uphold the spirit of the code in all respects.
Be conscious at all times of the need to respect individual privacy and personal taste of the consumer.
Ensure that any delivery with which they are associated is consistent with a high standard of performance.


Companies will:

1. Immediately react to queries or complaints.
2. Clean-up any litter caused by incorrect delivery practices.
3. Cooperate fully with local authorities.
4. Provide details of deliverers responsible for littering offenses to relevant authorities.
5. Each year supply all deliverers with a copy of the Code of Practice and supply copies to new deliverers before they start.
6. Provide ongoing training in ‘industry-best’ work practices.
7. Enforce the Code of Practice to the best of their abilities in the interest of customers, community and the industry.
8. Ensure items for delivery are not of an “adults-only” nature as letterboxes are easily accessible to children.

Deliverers will:

1. Where possible, fully insert all items into the receptacle utilising the newspaper slot, where available, or otherwise the letter slot.
2. Pick-up and replace any items that may be pushed out while other material is being placed in the receptacle.
3. Ensure that delivered items are secure and unlikely to fall out of the receptacle. Particularly on windy days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a No Advertising Material sticker and I still don’t receive catalogues. How can I get catalogues delivered?

Unfortunately, across Australia we do have a shortage of Distributors and if your region does not have a Distributor, the Distribution companies may not be able to commit to delivery at this time. We will process your query to the Area Manager and ask that catalogues be delivered to your address provided. This can take 4-6 weeks for a Distribution window to be re-allocated or if there is no Distributor in your area we can only continue to call on reliable people to deliver catalogues in your area. You can work flexible hours, get paid regularly and earn extra cash all while you walk. No experience is necessary. If you, or anyone you know would be interested in becoming a catalogue distributor please contact the ACA on 1800 676 136 and we will provide further information.

I am receiving catalogues to my letterbox however I have a No Advertising Material sticker on my letterbox, how can I stop delivery?

Please provide your address, a list of the catalogues you are receiving and any further details which may be of assistance. The DSB will contact the Distributor and advise the request for non-delivery. We will only contact you in case of any clarification needed. You may continue receiving unsolicited material while your application is being processed – please allow 4-6 weeks for the process to be completed.

I have a No Advertising Material sticker, and I still receive Real Estate, Take-Away, Local Newspaper, Small business and/or Government pamphlets, flyers, catalogues, leaflets. Can you stop these deliveries?

Local Real Estate Agents, Takeaway Stores or Small businesses are not signatories to the DSB and often distribute themselves (i.e. not through a Distribution company). Unfortunately, we are unable to address these concerns and advise the best course of action is to communicate directly with the business that has produced the publication. Government and Local Newspapers are not considered ‘advertising’ information as they provide community notices and therefore are exempt from all existing legislation.

I have received explicit material in my letterbox and want to make a formal complaint, how do I do this?

The DSB classifies the letterbox as a G-rated distribution portal as children can easily access the letterbox. Any explicit material is in breach of this and is not distributed by DSB Distributors. Often these materials are distributed by independent groups and we advise you to forward these complaints directly to your local Member of Parliament who can address under anti-discrimination legislation or download the templated letter down below and send directly to the company/organisation.

Download: Complaint Letter Template

I would like a No Advertising Material sticker for my letterbox, how do I receive one?

The Distribution Standards Board (DSB) supplies ‘No Advertising Material’ and ‘Advertising Material Yes Please’ stickers. Residents wishing to obtain stickers for themselves need to send an envelope containing a stamped self-addressed envelope to us. We will be more than happy to send a complimentary sticker back. The envelopes can be sent to Suite 6, 151 Barkly Ave, Richmond, VIC 3121.

Complaint Letter to The Distributor or Company

Catalogue and Letter Box Distribution

All catalogue distributors are encouraged to become co-signatories to the DSB Code of Practice. The following businesses have agreed to conform with the DSB Code of Practice:


Ovato Distribution
Unit 4/59 Tennant Street, Fyshwick. ACT. 2609
Phone: 1800 032472
Fax: 02 62281963


Adpost Online Pty Ltd
PO Box 193, Croydon. NSW. 2132
Phone: 1300 237 678
Email: [email protected]

Box-2-Box Pty Ltd
36/7 Anella Avenue, Castle Hill. NSW. 2154
Phone: 1300 538853

GDR Marketing & Distribution Pty Ltd
Unit 35, 11-21 Underwood Road, Homebush. NSW. 2140
Phone: 02 9695 0500
Email: [email protected]

LBH Promotions
85 Wahroonga Rd, Kanwal. NSW. 2259
Phone: 02 4392 8550

Letterbox drops Australia
15 Grainger St., Lambton. NSW. 2299
Phone: 02 4957 4324

29 Carter Cr, Gymea. NSW. 2227
Phone: 02 9524 2655

Local Direct Network Newcastle
Unit 5/28 Pendlebury Road, Cardiff. NSW. 2285
Phone: 02 4957 4324
Fax: 02 4952 6004
Email: [email protected]

Local Direct Network Sydney North West
Dock 1 Building 4, 1 Moorebank Ave, Moorebank. NSW. 2170
Phone: 02 8763 2149
Fax: 02 9612 805
Email: [email protected]

Local Direct Network Sydney South
Dock 1 Building 4, 1 Moorebank Ave, Moorebank. NSW. 2170
Phone: 02 8763 2140
Fax: 02 9612 8055
Email: [email protected]

TR Advertising Pty Ltd
Unit 1/ 149 Trafalgar Rd, Annandale. NSW. 2038
Phone: 02 9552 6593

Newcastle Delivery Network
15 Grainger St., Lambton. NSW. 2299
Phone: 02 4957 4324

Ovato Distribution
31-35 Heathcote Rd., Moorebank. NSW. 2170
Phone: 1800 032472
Fax: 02 98281444

Summerland Catalogue Distributors
PO Box 6428, South Lismore. NSW. 2480
Phone: 02 6621 2770

Vicki’s Network
28 Grevillea Grove, Heathcote. NSW. 2233
Phone: 02 95483207
Email: [email protected]


Freaky Flyer Delivery
26 Craighall Turn, Madeley WA 6065
Phone: 0402 373 006
Email: [email protected]

Northside Distributors
34 Calvering Rd, Bayswater. WA. 6053
Phone: 08 92710098
Fax: 08 9271 0093

Ovato Distribution
51 Miguel Rd., Bibra Lake. WA. 6163
Phone: 1800 032472
Fax: 08 94186871


Ovato Distribution
168 Cross Keys Road, Salisbury South. SA. 5106
Phone: 1800 032472
Fax: 08 82508410


Alpha Distribution Network
PO Box 243, Jimboomba. QLD. 4280
Phone: 07 55431043

Unit 6, 84 Casua Drive, Varsity Lakes. QLD. 4227
Phone: 07 55221817
Fax: 07 55221516

Darling Downs Pamphlet Distributors
Shed 2, 103 North Street, Toowoomba. QLD. 4350
Phone: 07 4639 1986
Email: [email protected]

Expose Yourself Letterbox Distribution
7.16 Natasha Street, Capalaba QLD 4175
Phone: 0406 665 709
Email: [email protected]

Gold Coast Leaflet Distributors
1, 39 Bailey Crescent, Southport. QLD. 4215
Phone: 07 55312533 /0412 757 055

Kath Chambers
PO Box 5767, Maroochydore. QLD. 4558
Phone: 07 5446 8805

Ovato Distribution
24 Industrial Ave, Wacol. QLD. 4076
Phone: 1800 032472
Fax: 07 32759201

Rotondo Pty Ltd
4 Mulka St., Bracken Ridge. QLD. 4017
Phone: 07 3261 2111



Ovato Distribution
5 Bowen St, Moonah. TAS. 7009
Phone: 1800 032472
Fax: 03 62289355


Australian Independent Distributors P/L
PO Box 320, Hastings. VIC. 3915
Phone: 03 59793199
Fax: 03 59794977

Fermax Pty Ltd
148 Derrimut Drive, Derrimut. VIC. 3030
Phone: 03 9219 4700
Email: [email protected]

Hi-Fliers Distribution
4 Travis Court, Hoppers Crossing. VIC. 3029
Phone: 0425 222 083

Impact Leaflet Distributors
5/9 Woolboard Rd, Port Melbourne. VIC. 3207
Phone: 03 96769371
Fax: 03 96769372

Ovato Distribution
37-49 Browns Rd, Clayton. VIC. 3168
Phone: 1800 032472
Fax: 03 95400452

Promptor Distribution
105 Rickards Ave Nth, Knoxfield. VIC. 3180
Phone: 03 9763 7419

Silverstar Advertising Services
12 Pallett St, Coburg Nth. VIC. 3058
Phone: 03 9384 2821


IVE Group
350 Parramatta Road Homebush NSW 2140
Phone: (02) 8020 4400