Australasian Catalogue Association

COVID-19 Industry Survey

As part of re-building our industry, the RMC is committed to having the collective voice of our industry heard by government at all levels to seek further support across JobKeeper extension options. To enable us to inform government we need your help by participating in this survey. We will use the results for several purposes, including:

· The JobKeeper scheme is being reviewed by the federal government in June and the RMC will submit our industry position and experiences to the Prime Minister,  Treasurer and relevant Ministers for consideration as part of that review.

· State and territory governments will be reviewing their stimulus measures in the coming months, and the RMC will submit to those reviews.

· The information provided will help the RMC to shape government policy and regulation moving forward.

The more detail you can provide in your responses is beneficial to our submission and for the industry.

Any identifying details of survey participants, their businesses, or their workers will not be disclosed as part of the RMC’s submission and the information will only be used for quantifying an industry position for the governments review and consideration.

Please click the button below to start the survey or click here.