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Value of Paper and Print on tour

The Value of Paper and Print has launched its Australian tour, which will highlight the importance of print to advertisers, aiming to ensure print gets a ‘big slice of the pie’.

The free VoPP Roadshow will run throughout April and May, presenting a talk to marketers, media buyers and industry stakeholders, about the power of print and the risk of not advertising in it print.

Speaking with the Australian Printer, Kellie Northwood, VoPP head and executive director of Two Sides Australia, says today’s society consists of a diverse media industry – such as print, TV, radio, and online – and the importance of ‘print must be communicated to the media buyers’ to ensure that its value is recognised.

Northwood says, “It is not about us versus them, we live in a multi-channel media market and we need to make sure that print is getting a bigger slice of the pie.”