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Fat Content Marketing Is In For This Year

Fat Content Marketing Is In For This Year

In 2015, content remains king, says branding specialist and executive director of the Australasian Catalogue Association Kellie Northwood.

Consumers are more sophisticated and are demanding more than they ever have. They expect detailed content-rich information not snippets, so they can truly engage and align with your brand.

Retailers are already moving towards brandzines and magalogues – Seasonal stylebooks, product guides and celebrity ambassadors filling catalogues with information and page-turning content. Content marketing can also be a great leveller for small business, but it needs to be quality, not just social.

Strengthening this is online brands becoming print publishers to grow their offline presence. Airbnb has recently brought out a glossy new print publication called Pineapple. Their inaugural issue is $12, 128 pages, ad-free, and designed to spark coffee-table conversation.The physical presence is effective at proving a company as more than a website or an app, but as a lifestyle.

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