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Three ways to boost your catalogue reach

More Australians read catalogues than metropolitan newspapers, according to research published. A study by Roy Morgan Research has found almost 10.5 million Australians read one or more catalogues during an average week.

Here are Northwood’s three tips for business owners wanting to get the most out of advertising through catalogues.

  1. Understand your target market
  2. Treat the catalogue like a book or magazine
  3. Fill them with interesting content

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Catalogues – junk mail or retailer’s best tool?

Research reconfirms the broad reach of catalogues, but many retailers need to up the ante in the use of these to appeal to ever more savvy and demanding consumers.

“Shoppers are reading catalogues for recreation and inspiration. This type of behaviour is an underutilised opportunity for retailers.”

Source: Inside Retail Weekly 16 September 2015

Australians now reading shopping catalogues more than metro newspapers

According to new research from Roy Morgan Australians are now reading catalogues more than metro newspapers.

More than 10 million Australians read, or look into, one or more catalogues during an average week.

While 600,000 fewer people read a non-community newspaper in the same time.

Steve spoke to Chief Executive Officer of Roy Morgan Research Michele Levine about the data.

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Purchases in Print

Catalogues continue to be a quite achiever, providing the greatest reach and highest level of influence on shopper purchases in Australia.

So what makes the $1.5 billion catalogues industry so effective?

Kellie Northwood, CEO of the Australasian Catalogue Association (ACA), says the most successful catalogue campaigns are those that take a multi-channel approach.

Source: Inside Retail April/May 2015

Boon for heatset as catalogues supersizing

The country’s web printers are pumping out thicker catalogues as retailers add more detailed lifestyle content to reach the more than 10 million Australians who read them.

Australian Catalogue Association (ACA) executive director Kellie Northwood says brands are increasingly including editorial content like how-to instructions and style guides in addition to product promotions and specials.

“The strongest shift in catalogue trends this year is increasing page numbers and higher quality content as brands are using the effectiveness and popularity to lift their bands,” she says.

“A furniture shop might include a feature on how to decorate your house or a hardware store explaining how to use a product.”

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