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Catalogues – junk mail or retailer’s best tool?

Research reconfirms the broad reach of catalogues, but many retailers need to up the ante in the use of these to appeal to ever more savvy and demanding consumers.

“Shoppers are reading catalogues for recreation and inspiration. This type of behaviour is an underutilised opportunity for retailers.”

Source: Inside Retail Weekly 16 September 2015

The Importance of Catalogues in Multi-channel Marketing

With the ever-growing reliance on technology, consumers are constantly connected allowing marketers to reach and communicate with them from a variety of channels. Whilst technology is still a dominant force, more and more consumer groups are switching off as tech fatigue grows, particularly among generation Y consumers. These consumers, known as the ‘digital generation’, are highly tech savvy yet value the importance of experience, nostalgia and privacy. Now more than ever, it is pivotal for brand managers to ensure the ‘physical’ is not neglected in favour for digital and is integrated into the marketing mix.

Source: ACRS June Insights 2015

Retail Index Spikes as Catalogue Production Increases

“The more we examine catalogue volumes against the retail index we can see there is an alignment – the more catalogues in the market, the higher the retail index figures,” says Kellie Northwood, Executive Director, ACA. . “It has been an interesting trend and is something the ACA is mapping over the next year. We’re halfway through the financial year and have some seasonal retail peaks – Mother’s Day, Easter, Toy Sales and Mid-year – which indicate the industry is in for a good year.”

Source: Franklin Web May Pressing Issues 2015

Purchases in Print

Catalogues continue to be a quite achiever, providing the greatest reach and highest level of influence on shopper purchases in Australia.

So what makes the $1.5 billion catalogues industry so effective?

Kellie Northwood, CEO of the Australasian Catalogue Association (ACA), says the most successful catalogue campaigns are those that take a multi-channel approach.

Source: Inside Retail April/May 2015

The medium is part of the message

The retail business in Australia is witnessing rapid changes – especially in the way brands are marketing their products – and the paper industry is at the heart of the ongoing tumult. The growing demand for innovation and new paper products is driving closer cooperation between paper suppliers, printers and publishers.

Source: Retail Insights February Issue 2015