Australasian Catalogue Association

Category: eNews

ACA eNews February Edition 2016

February eNews Articles:

  • ACA website updates
  • Aussie retailers catalogue marketing push
  • What your digital campaign is missing. according to neuroscience
  • Print catalogues are back this holiday season… and for good reason!
  • Catalogues still a favourite way to get clued in on the latest shopping offers
  • How catalogue creator Lillian Vernon changed the face of retail sales
  • Quick tips on reaching and converting Aussies with channels they’re actually using!

ACA eNews December Edition 2015

December eNews Articles:

  • White paper industry insights
  • Catalogue’s still on top
  • Aussies set to blow $35 billion on Christmas as online sales set to hit 16%
  • Toys ‘R Us holiday ‘Big Book’ goes interactive as playthings sales set to soar
  • How the letterbox can revamp your marketing strategy next year
  • Salmat co-founder Phil Salter passes away

ACA eNews November Edition 2015

November eNews Articles:

  • Catalogues – Junk mail or retailer’s best tool?
  • Survey reveals shopper behaviour and why everybody still loves a catalogue
  • Purchases in print
  • Three reasons the letterbox isn’t superflous for outdoor ads
  • Myth busted: How direct mail can actually enrich the digital customer journey
  • Target Halloween ad features a little girl with a disability – catalogue goes viral
  • Over 200 million now using online ad blockers
  • Australians plan to spend big this Christmas – consumer sentiment index

ACA eNews October Edition 2015

October eNews Articles:

  • Catalogue comeback
  • The evolution of the catalogue from shopping utility to lifestyle inspiration
  • 5 things the catalogue ninja is doing right now
  • Why eCommerce companies still use catalog marketing
  • 6 vocabulary similarities between direct and digital marketing
  • Catalogue marketing in a digital world
  • Hike in store for catalogue paper prices

ACA eNews May Edition 2015

May eNews Articles:

  • Catalogue awards closing soon!
  • Fit to print: 12 million Australians say catalogues most useful media
  • Why online retailers like Bonobos, Boden, Athleta mail so many catalogs
  • Williams-Sonoma is america’s best retailer — online and in store
  • Why catalogues survive in a digital age